More About Me

When I'm not selling homes, dealing with rental properties, flips or talking about real estate in Cincinnati or the Norris Lake Region of Tennessee I am more than likely chauffeuring my two sons to whatever sport they need to get too. If the stars align correctly, I may even be at a Reds or Buckeye's Game. However, a day doesn't go by without some form of real estate or sports being discussed.

Having escaped a Fortune 50 company and an MBA program with success, I went down the path of building a portfolio of rental properties and helping others find success in purchasing their primary home or rental property. As both a real estate agent and investor, I understand that in order to capitalize on the best opportunities, communication, speed and negotiating all need to happen simultaneously for success.

If you have read this far then I think it's safe say you have too much free time or have a need in real estate. If it's the first, I'm jealous, but if it's the second please call and I will do everything I can to help you find the property you desire.